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[The breach ends and Scott is exhausted, from the drifts and the new memories and the attacks. He doesn't want to think about how many people got hurt there, because it's impossible not to think of that place as real. There's another him somewhere, piloting a Jaeger with another Clementine, and they're both fighting for their lives.

He makes his way back to his bedroom and drops face first onto the bed, not realizing how long he's actually been asleep. That's where he'll be found, but the usual conga line of visitors. Except this time, he'll probably wake up when people start talking around him.]

[Public Video, later]

[Scott looks really weirded out. Like. Really. For a moment he just stares into the camera; it passes, and he shakes his head like he needs to physically clear it.]

Okay, so...I guess I was asleep for a while. Sorry, if that freaked anyone out. [A beat.] It's totally freaking me out.

Anyway, I'm back, so if anyone needs me, uh, I'm here? I guess I never actually left...[He mutters the last to himself, and decides to turn the feed off there before he starts babbling incoherently.]

[Private to Clementine]

How are you?

[It's not a lead in to something else. It's not just polite small talk. When he asks, he means it. He's worried about her, because in the unlikely chance she needed him, he wasn't awake to answer.]
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[He is bone-tired, and what he wants to do is crawl into bed and sleep for the next twenty-four hours. But what he needs to do is check on everyone, the same way he always need to check on everyone after a port or a flood or a breach, but especially after one where he was just fighting freaking Godzilla. When he shows up back on the Barge, he's outside of Scott's room, which makes some sort of sense considering it's where he's spent most of his time the last few weeks.

So he might as well start the rounds there.

Scott had been there during the breach. He remembers talking to him, seeing him in the mess hall. He hadn't felt any sort of real attachment to Scott there, which is all kinds of weird that he doesn't know what to do with, but now that he's back, he's just hoping Scott is, too. For good.

He pushes the door open and pauses when he finds his best friend unconscious in bed. His voice is decidedly exasperated when he speaks.]

Are you freaking kidding me right now? You woke up long enough to go fight Godzilla and the second we're back here, you coma again?!
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[He's startled when Scott suddenly springs out of bed and trips over his own foot and his eyes widen.]

You're awake!

[It's blurted out, surprised, but his brain catches up with his mouth after a second and he moves forward, hugging Scott tightly.]

Don't ever do that to me again, jerk.
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[He exhales, pulling away to look at his best friend with arched eyebrows.]

No, but that was weird, too. No, you've been in a coma for like...almost a month, Dude.

[It takes restraint not to reach out and slug Scott in the shoulder. It's not Scott's fault, he knows. Still. He's so relieved that he's actually awake again that it's nearly a physical sensation. He was starting to think maybe he wasn't going to wake up.]
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[His lips make a popping sound on the p. He purses his lips, then frowns a little.] really had no idea, did you?
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[Well that is a loaded question. Because a lot happened. Like. A lot. It's actually good that Scott is sitting down, considering. He leans against Scott's desk for a moment.]

Everyone's okay, yeah. [He pauses, scratches awkwardly at his neck.]

Okay I don't...really know how to tell you this, but uh, you're a father now.
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I meant metaphorically. And that -- uh, you sort of bit someone to save his life and now he's here and not in complete control of the whole werewolf thing. Also he's fifteen.

[He arches his eyebrows and gives Scott a forced, bright smile, knowing this is a lot for his best friend to take in at once.]

Congrats, it's a boy?
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[Stiles blinks a couple of times and then makes a face.]

What? No. Dude, back home.
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Yeah, another time thing.

[And as if he's reading Scott's mind, Stiles rubs the back of his neck.]

Jackson vanished. He's not on the Barge anymore.

[And to be honest, he's actually pretty glad about that, for a lot of different reasons.]
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[It's okay, Scott. Really. The stranger is actually, overall, quite a bit nicer and easier to deal with than Jackson ever was. And Stiles is pretty sure Jackson is fine in London. He'd made contact with Lydia awhile back when the Barge had one of its flukes with the network.]

His name's Liam. He's hung around here a lot. [And also gotten into at least one fight that Stiles knows about, and he doesn't have the full story really, but he's pretty sure it's mostly Mickey's fault.]

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[Yes. Yes it is. And it's probably a good thing that Stiles hasn't run into Mickey since the incident occurred.

He moves over to where Scott's standing and lays a hand on his shoulder.]

Dude. I know it's weird. I was really weirded out at first but...I think he's okay. I mean, he's got some issues, but who doesn't?

[He shrugs.]

Yeah, he knows us. Apparently we're all friends back home. [And there's something going on with a deadpool, but so far Stiles hasn't pressed too much for information about that. Really, overall, Liam's been pretty calm anytime Stiles has been around him. Must be because of how things are back home.]

He's...I don't know. You'll just have to meet him.
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I know.

[He's still not entirely used to the whole Allison is now a werewolf thing either. But he's getting there. It's strange, but not necessarily bad. It means she's a little safer than she had been, even here, when the Admiral revives you when you die.]

But, Dude. You're gonna be fine. I mean, you're good at this whole true alpha thing. [He pats his arm reassuringly.] Plus you're not alone. You've got me and Lydia and Allison and Kira and Isaac and like, most of the people on the Barge love you so. Seriously. It's gonna be all right.

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[Stiles remembers those days with vivid clarity. Sometimes he kind of misses them. It isn't that he doesn't care about the others, because he does. It had just been easier when he only had a couple of people that he cared about. That he worried about. Now there's a whole slew of them and he doesn't always know what to do with that either.

He smiles a bit when Scott squeezes his elbow and he knows he's gotten through to him at least at the most basic of levels. His smile wavers a little bit at the question though.]

Uh, well. He wasn't exactly in control when he first showed up. [Stiles hadn't seen him then, but he's heard about it from others. Namely Lydia and Allison and Kira.]

But I think they all get it. He didn't actually hurt any of them or anything. Just -- you know. Scared them a little?
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Hey, relax. We got it. It's fine, Dude.

[He shrugs a little.]

Kira I think. She calmed him down.


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